Sunday, 29 August 2010

New Non Spooky things!!!!!!!!

Just to prove I can do non spooky ( okay, two have pumpkins) but they aren't scary!!! I love pumpkins and sunflowers. I added the black and white ribbon because I have seen one used as a decoration on a pumkin in an American Halloween book I have and I have wanted to recreate something like it for a while. The Palmistry was something a bit different. These are all on Etsy now.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

The story of The Cottage Kitty

Just for those who wonder who the Cottage Kitty is! She is a little witches cat, but instead of the usual black she is a little blonde/gold kitty (well she does have quite a few blonde moments!!!!!!!!!!!!). she lives in a little cottage with her human witch and her friend The Dark Faerie(more of her later) The cottage is in one of the three witch towns of Northwich,Middlewich and Nantwich in the county of the Cheshire Cat. Her best friend is ,as I have mentioned before, The Dark Fearie. Now this tiny fae is quite a lot of trouble in a small package. Often to be found dancing and laughing under the full moon with the Dark Fae Folk. She is constantly being told not to have bad thoughts by Cottage Kitty, but thats asking too much of this little fae. She likes being naughty and getting up to mischief! So there you are thats who the Cottage Kitty is, just stay clear of her fae companion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New items

These are a couple of things I've just finished (lot's of others on the way!) Minature Rune sets with little faux suede bag and aged Rune paper. Just something I thought was a little different.These two sets are now on my Etsy site.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

A Few Photographs of My Latest Miniatures

These are just a few examples of my latest miniatures. I have been busy making mini skulls, some with glass eyes, wizards staffs, spooks in bottles, ghost bottles, enchanted mops,Spirit of the Greenwood besoms and books. My favourite things at the minute is the skulls. David, Anna and I went to the Liverpool World Museum. They have a great collection of skulls (came away with lots of new ideas!) The Ancient Egypt collection was really good too.