Sunday, 31 October 2010

owl photos from Erddig

Went to Erddig near Wrexham today. The North Wales Owl Sanctuary were there, we have seen them several times with their beautiful owls. Anna (in the grey and pink hoody with the Barn owl) and her two best friends Teghan and Sorcha got to hold an owl(so did I.. wooo hoooo...a lovely Barn owl...Iwanted to take him home!!!!). They are gorgeous owls, so friendly, the little kids got to hold a tiny owl. If you want to know more about the Sanctuary this is their website that has all the I am going to post some more photos tomorrow these include close up shots and some of the tiny owl that Anna took:)

A Vintage Halloween

I love vintage images and found these....hope you like them as much as I do :)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

I'm a New Member!!!!!!

I am now a Member of Artisans In Miniature.....woo..hooo!!!!!!( sorry got a little carried away there!!!) :)

Our Two Kitties

These are our two little kitties, they are brothers and love each other very much, even if they like play fighting!!!This is my little lad. His name is Coci , he appears to be black but in the sun light he is dark chocolate coco powder. He loves playing chase with his brother(Izzie), cat biscuits,his toy rat,watching squirrels through the window and talking kittie to his mommy( we kind of understand each other).He gives lots of kittie kisses ,well tiny head butts really. My Nana was a crazy cat lady too.

This is Izzie, his interests are food, looking out of windows,sweet corn.!sitting in shopping bags,lying in the sun,sleep,playing with his weasel toy and hiding in wardrobes! He is Annas baby:) and he gets very purry. He has a smirky smile.They are three and a half years old,but are still babies really!!!!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Liberty Bell

We've been to Liberty Bell in Chester:)It was full of gorgeous prim style American goodies. I got a few little Halloweeny bits to go in my collection . We will be back in December to see what little snowmen they have(I collect them as well, well they are tiny and theres still room in my miniatures cabinet!!!! Anna took the shop window photo on her phone, you can see the'Rows' at Chester. These are the second storey shops and walk ways,some dating back to the Tudor period,though some are Victorian restored versions.

Come and join the PARTY!!!!!!!

Come and join the Party at Kats place!!! (her blog actually) Its bound to be FUN :)

Thursday, 21 October 2010

A few more owl items and a big thank you to Kat

I didn't know what the postman had brought me today! When I opened the package this is what I found......a wonderful stash of trimmings...How did you know my favourite colours Kat?I can see a little mousey wearing some of these....he he.By the way Anna nicked the fortune teller fish.....rats......So a big thank you, Happy Haloween to Kat the Hat Lady( isn't she lovely?)
This is one of my latest owl themed mini things..........A bottle of "Pearls of Wisdom" listed on Etsy.there are also a couple more owl brooms and staffs

Monday, 18 October 2010


Welcome to everyone who follows my blog and for the comments you kindly leave. Thank you for your interest and it is nice to know there are such lovely people out there.I try and give back as much support as I get(which is a LOT and is much appreciated ).It's amazing the amount of beautiful and creative minatures being made out there.The thing is now we have blogs we can all see and keep up with each other, no matter where we are.The world is really getting smaller!!!!!!!Thank you to all my new friends...who make me smile(you know who you are) and to those who have introduced me to lots of their friends.Also to old friends from the fair/show days.Its lovely to be intouch again :)

Commissions Welcome

Over the last few weeks I have had several enquiries about commissions and if I take them. I have always accepted commissions and still do. So if you would like me to make a certain item you have in mind or you have missed out on my Etsy or Ebay listing and would really like a similar item made especially for you, or even a gift for someone, please do not hesitate to email me No commission is too small. I usually make and post orders within 10 days. Thank you for your interest :)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Etsy listing

New owls on standing and tiny ink wells(perfect for wizards desks) all just been listed

Little Tudor mice and a little witch!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 15 October 2010

A little peep at my other life!!!!!

A little look at at my other creations......little mice!!!! These are my Georgian mice, complete with white wigs. My favourite period in history is the Tudor period, in second place is the Georgian period. I love those powdered wigs (I know in real life they were full of creepy crawlies!!!) and gorgeous dresses ,the Costume Museum in Bath has some fabulous examples.I loved the costumes in the film the Duchess and Marie Antionette.... I just thought you would like to see them:) I also have a passion for the Jane Austin period but thats another story.........

owly things

These are my latest owly creations,brooms,staffs,books,signs,wands and displays. The little display boards come with a free standing larger owls and a little owl ink well. They can be displayed seperately. I loved making these owls. Anna has always loved holding owls and when we go to the local National Trust properties ( Speke Hall, Chirk Castle,Errigg and others)there are often owl trusts and have owls on display. She still loves having a liitle hold:) even though shes older now. A selection of these feathered friends are already on there way to Debbie:)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

New Mice

These are my new mice!!! They are two and three quarter inches high. They are made from faux fur and faux suede. Their eyes are onyx beads and their tails,hands,legs and noses are made from polymer clay. Each mouse is fully jointed and completely hand sewn. These three are a little wizard ( red cap) ,an Apothecary and his servant ( a little monk who after the dissolutionof the Abbey came to work for the Apothecary) They are now on Etsy.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Work in Progress!

These are the new items I am curently working on . All feature little owls, there will be Barn Owls , Tawny Owls and White Owls. Some will be free standing, others will be perched on brooms,wands and displays. Back to work on them tomorrow :)