Thursday, 28 October 2010

Our Two Kitties

These are our two little kitties, they are brothers and love each other very much, even if they like play fighting!!!This is my little lad. His name is Coci , he appears to be black but in the sun light he is dark chocolate coco powder. He loves playing chase with his brother(Izzie), cat biscuits,his toy rat,watching squirrels through the window and talking kittie to his mommy( we kind of understand each other).He gives lots of kittie kisses ,well tiny head butts really. My Nana was a crazy cat lady too.

This is Izzie, his interests are food, looking out of windows,sweet corn.!sitting in shopping bags,lying in the sun,sleep,playing with his weasel toy and hiding in wardrobes! He is Annas baby:) and he gets very purry. He has a smirky smile.They are three and a half years old,but are still babies really!!!!


  1. Both such sweeties Julie! I love Izzie's little mustache and coci's chocolate brown color (though it does look black in these pics).
    I have two cats as well who love to play fight with each other, Otis loves to sleep and eat and is very purry, Scout is more into playing and getting into mischief. Isn't it funny how different each cat's personality is.
    Thanks for sharing pictures of your little babies. :)

  2. it's great to see your furry friends!
    We have a dark brown burmese who looks very like Coci.
    It's good to have two cats to keep each other company.