Sunday, 30 January 2011

Little frogs!!

These are the little frog pictures I should have uesed instead of two country themed teapots in the last post! Anyway they are on now :)

Lots Of New Things

I've been busy!!! These are a few of my new little chickens,frogs (I love little frogs ) jack-in witches spring chick themed themed teapots (yes I did add the picture mistake :0) I like the little hedghog he turned out quite sweet :) and a fearie mushroom teapot. This week I'm making some shabby chic mini things and I have to take some photos in the morning of some new pitchers and two of my latest teapots..(the potting shed collection...featuring plant pots, bulbs and little plants...just like my Dad used to grow :) So another busy week thats what I like ...the ideas flowing fast...hate it when I'm stuck for the old saying though not enough hours in the day!

Look What Kat Sent Me !!!

This is the Captain Jack pirate hat that Kat (the hat Lady) made for me ...fabulous :) We did a swap between ourselves....I made Kat a gothicy/vampyrie teapot and she made this little hat for me. I was so delighted when I opened the package..Kat even included some little charms and a tiny skull ...ah that was so nice of her.. So Kat I'd just like to say I love it. xxx....I'm going to make (try and make !) a little Captain Jack wig for the hat stands (when I get time !!!!!!)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A 100 followers!

I now have a hundred followers :) thank you all so much. I only started this blog in August 2010, so I hope to show you all lots of new items with new themes. Anna is back at school tomorrow so it will be just me and the cats ( who will probably be asleep anyway !) . I don't like the early mornings but it gives me lots of time to just get on with things. Hopefully the Spring will not be far away , every day is a day nearer. Anna is like me , we don't like January much, bit of a grey month in lots of ways : (We did get a teeny bit of sun today and looking around the garden there are tiny signs of Mother nature begining to awake from her long winter sleep. I heard the other day (I think it was stated on the Edwardian Farm t.v programme) that if the weather is fine on the 2nd of February the worst of the weather is done, if it is not fine there is still so of winter left to come ! So lets hope the 2nd of Feb is a nice day. Anyway as they say our journey continues..........x

Monday, 3 January 2011

My First Teapots Of 2011

These are the first teapots I've made this year. They are a mix of shabby chic and gothic and vampyrie. They are cream with dark burgundy roses ,cameos and crosses. I love the colour combinations and I'm going to try and come up with some others ideas/themes where I can use these colours.

Cottage Kittys New Look and Some New Helpers

Cottage Kitty has had a make over. She has a new hat and redesigned dress. More of a shabby little witch now. She also has three new helpers...three small mice.

Happy New Year and what happens when you try to photograph miniatures!

This is what happens when you try and take photos of miniatures for your blog!!!!!!! Thank you Coci !!!