Saturday, 27 November 2010

Latest Teapots :)

Christmas Teapots !!! The first two are little bird houses with holly and tiny ikle Robins The next pair are shabby chic Winter Roses and tiny Blue tits. These are going on Ebay tonight. I love shabby chic things (as well as spooky, wonder if theres such a thing as a shabby witch.........) and when in the mood I make teapots. I already have some ideas for Spring themes. All these teapots will be listed on Ebay tonight :)

Two precious little girls!!!

These are two of my little treasures.....two Jane Davies dolls. The little girl in the brown dress reminded me of Anna when she was younger :) the little girl in the white dress looked a bit like her friend Lucy. They are kept in my display cabinet well away from tiny paws. My cabinet contains all of my treasures bought at the mini fairs we used to go to (and still go to when we get the chance) and from Liberty Bell in Chester.

This morning ..

We had just a sprinkle of snow overnight...nowhere near the amount that some folk have had. We are quite sheltered here in this part of Cheshire, the Welsh mountains on one side of us and the Pennine hills on the other.Our shed (Annas old playhouse) needs replacing!!! probably next year now. In the second photo you can see Alfie, one of four little grey squirels that visit our garden. There were only two last year !!! we get peanuts for them (and the flock of sweet little Blue Tits that come ) We get lots of birds Robins, Long Tailed Tits and a pair of Jays, lovely :)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Witches shoes and new teapot

My Witches and Faerie shoes are now on my Etsy :) This is my latest design of miniature teapot, a bit of a wassailing theme of apples and a hand painted apple tree painted on each side, made this for fun and its now on Ebay.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

What I've been up to (part2) Witches Shoes

These are my first try at some little witches shoes. They are made from polymer clay and decorated some with moss,glitter, silk ribbon and braid. I am now trying some with heels!!!! and I'm going to play around with different trimmings. Yesterday I bought some new sparkly little bits and bobs, so will have a play with them tomorrow:) and make some one in different colours,like scarlet red or maybe have some with red soles and heels!

Tiny Fearie shoes, hopefully you can see how small these really are. Just waiting for tiny Fearie feet that are going to dance at all the Yule tide festivities.:) I'm going to make a pair sitting on top of a toadstool and maybe some Fairy Tale themed ones !

What I've been up to (part1) LITTLE PIGS

I've been busy!!!! these are two little pigs Xmas Rose and Holly. they are fully jointed, have tiny onyx bead piggy eyes and ultra (faux ) suede ears, wiggyly tails and trotters. They are completely hand sewn.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

If you have a minute or two

As you will see I am now a AIM member and through them got in touch with an old friend (also a member), Jane Laverick. Anyone showing at Miniatura will I'm sure have met this lovely lady, rushing around, usually camera in hand (sometimes complete with tray of mini items being taken to be photographed), getting to know new exhibitors and their work. If you ever get a spare minute have a look at, she writes about her porcelain dolls and miniature life. I met Jane at my very first Miniatura and she was a great help and was very kind. Jane is a very witty lady, looking at life from a miniaturists (or as she calls us the afflicted!) point of view. She tries to explain to the world what makes us miniaturists and our obsession with tiny things. The trials and tribulations of life also get her touch of humour. Her site is read in 35 countries and in 25 languages she informs me. David and I call her the Sage of Warwick such is her knowledge ...ask her a question she'll always have an answer (random or not) Also she says if you want her to link up with her just send her a email to So if you need a laugh you now know one place to go :)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New miniatures!

A few photos of my latest work.......Little owls in hats and caps,with tiny keys.(just listed on Etsy).....Christmas themed tea pots(listing on Ebay tomorrow) and little witch hat,witch head and wizard head shaped topiary bushes( now on Etsy) and 'flying' owls(these have flat backs so they can be attached to mini walls etc.

Monday, 1 November 2010


Look what David bought me....a little hand carved wooden owl which now sits on the mantle piece.

More photos of the owls at Erddig..Heres Anna holding a beautiful Barn Owl.. I held him too but no one thought to get a picture!!!!! It was so soft and was posed wonderfully for the photos:) the Tawny owl that Teghan is holding was really sleeping...:) Sorcha (in the background with the glasses) got to hold one of the larger owls... We had such a great time...