Saturday, 23 April 2011

New Theme

Just a few photos of some latest work. The set of signs are for Julie Bennett's cottages. She gave me the idea of some mini seaside items , so these are the first of that collection :) You may have noticed something in the first photo that really shouldn't be there! a small black furry object!!!!! Coci's paw! what is it with kitties and cameras? as soon as they hear me clicking away they are there, trying to get in shot :) Well I'm off to dream of sailing boats (I'm not a boat person but love watching them) the cry of the gulls and the smell of the sea! Enjoy the Easter break xxx

Happy Easter xxx

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter xxx

Monday, 18 April 2011

Some new items and look who came along to see what I was doing!

Look who just happened to come along when he heard me with the camera!!!! IZZIE loves having his photo taken...well he his one of the fluffiest kitties around...and yes there was a reson for the little stool in the window ( it props up my backgrounds for my photos !) I LOVE kitties mouths xxx Coci was around as well but was a little camera shy today ...shame.x

Just a few of the little things I've been making :) the teeny weeny shabby chic mannequins/dress stands are completely new. I have just about finished some seaside themed that I will take photos of in the next couple of days. The idea came from one of my lovely customers who makes house, she saw some of my signs and wanted some special themed ones for her cottages, some have a seaside theme. I loved making them for a change from my usual shabby stuff. Really made me think of summer at the beach.....sigh.......... There are currently items like these on my Ebay and Etsy shops.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day

It is Mothers Day today here in the UK. I had a lovely card from Anna and the fur babies, Izzie and Coci. Also a wonderful vintage style bracelet and my favourite colour of lip gloss from the three of them x. I didn't get flowers Izzie would only eat them!!!(he's the black and white kitty!) But I took some photos of the flowers in the garden. I love the violets and cherry blossom xxxx ( the primroses were my Dads favourite flower so I always grow some )Anyway I hope all the other Mums out there had a lovely day x