Saturday, 23 April 2011

New Theme

Just a few photos of some latest work. The set of signs are for Julie Bennett's cottages. She gave me the idea of some mini seaside items , so these are the first of that collection :) You may have noticed something in the first photo that really shouldn't be there! a small black furry object!!!!! Coci's paw! what is it with kitties and cameras? as soon as they hear me clicking away they are there, trying to get in shot :) Well I'm off to dream of sailing boats (I'm not a boat person but love watching them) the cry of the gulls and the smell of the sea! Enjoy the Easter break xxx


  1. I'm not a boatperson either...but your seaside miniatures are lovely!!! I love the little mermaid teapot!!!

  2. Wow they are lovely, iso need a little sign for my beach house, will you be making them to sell plz and if so how much?? love them got my eye on the Lighthouse one lol my house is called 'Sunny Daze'.