Saturday, 25 September 2010

New Bottles, Pumpkin Crate And My Broom!

This is my broom!!!!!!!!!!!it's about five and a half foot high (I got it from the local garden centre, couldn't resist it!!!!) .It stands in the hallway. I am going to decorate it at Halloween, some pumpkin lights would look quite good:) !!!!!
Crow and slightly freaky Mummy themed bottles are some of my new stuff. Then theres my latest pumpkin crate has a crow (it's funny because ever since I started making these little crow items, like the broom I've had a pair of crows visiting our garden, I haven't seen them before here, they just kind of arrived.They leave the other littler birds alone and they are funny to watch). Also as you can see is a little witchy sign, these come with various saying and different themes.

Poision Apple Bottles and Hat Pins

Poision apple bottles!!!!!!!!!!One is Poision Apple Pips (ideal for growing your own poision apple tree ,just what every witchy garden needs. The other is Dried Poision Apple Slices.I made the bottles first ,then thought "what about poision apple hat pins? I think the red colour ofthe apple halves looks quite good against the black of the little hat pin holder. Wonder what I can come up with now......maybe poision apple pie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Prim Style Witches Hats

These are my Prim style witches hats. Made from faux suede (ultra suede) and trimmed with American cotton fabric and moss. I have lots of prim little objects around the house which I buy from a lovely shop in Chester called Liberty Bell on the Rows in Bridge Street. It is packed full of beautiful American nick nacks and wonderful American cotton fabrics (a quilters dream I would think) all beautifully laid out . I often think I was born in the wrong country! (Anna says she feels the same!!!!!!!!!). There are gorgeous things all year round but my favourite time is (you can guess!!!!) September, when they have all the Halloween items and near Christmas when the shop is full of snowmen ( which I collect as well as my Halloween stuff ) and other treasures (especially good if you collect Angels). They also stock lot's of Americana and little quirky things............bliss. A bear making friend , Maggie Spackman (of Minikins) got me started an all these Prim things. I always loved the simple style and a lot of my older bears had a prim feel about them and my witchy bears had pointy hats a bit like the ones I have just finished. My next hats will have tiny rusty bells and other little touches, I am also starting work on some new crow themed items, to go with the crow brooms.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New items

Just a quick post as it's getting late! These are a trio of photos of my newest items. There are new bottle designs (Egyptain themed,(ground mummy and tomb dust ) and Black Cat themed (black cat fur and cat claws,not real!) My latest brooms have a little crow sitting on the handle and there are my new items................witches hat pins!!!!!!!!!! eyeballs,toadstools and tiny skulls decorate the pin ends. Perfect for keeping tiny pointy hats in place on those windy Autumn nights out on the broomstick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, 12 September 2010

A Lovely Day Stafford

Today we went to the Stafford Doll's House Fair .I needed a few bits for some new projects and thought we would go and have a look around and also see some old friends. We had a great time.It was so nice to see all the stands but was quite strange to be on the 'other' side! doing the buying. Old friends Ann and Bill (of Just Ann and Bill) and Jan and Paul, though we missed him as he was having a sleep (of Country treasures) It was lovely to see them again , it has been too long since we last met up.We met them when we had stands near each other at some of the fairs and would meet up several times a year and seeing them today made me realize how much I missed them. They were always such fun and had Anna laughing all day (she was only little when we first met). I got a big hug from Bill.......ahhhhh I must admit I do miss the fairs in lots of ways (but not the very early morning starts, the long miles and worry if we got to there on time ,we once had 30 minutes to set up at Miniaturabecause of ther had been a crash on the M6 motorway on our way to Birmingham and once left home in deep snow, but we did get there!) But you meet some really nice people at miniature shows and make some lovely friends :)
This is the items Anna came home with, the two parrots are to add to her others, she loves parrots and has a growing collection (she has her eyes on a couple of yellow and red ones ) the door mats and cushions were from Just Ann and Bill. The stool and other things are for her Gamekeepers Lodge. In 2007 she won the young Miniaturist of the Year at Miniatura and part of her prize was the lodge, up until now it has remained untouched in the loft!!!!!! But now it is coming down! she isn't to sure on the theme yet but has a few ideas.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna is back at school (year 8 Hartford High). She's glad she isn't one of the youngest at high school anymore! We have just about got used to the early mornings again and are getting back into the old routine. When I get from the school run, I do what housework needs doing( boring!!!!!!!!!!) and then get cracking on the interesting stuff, getting orders made and trying new things. Often I'm found scribbling ideas down ( often late at night, why is it I get inspiration then! ). So it's just me and the cats for the next few weeks to half term, they are usually asleep when I get back in the morning. Unless I'm working with feathers, rafia or thread, then they get very interested. I'm sure they have a secret stash somewhere of things they've nicked when I was not looking!

Tudor Head Teapot

The Alchemist. A Tudor style Head Teapot.

Haunted Pumpkins ..........BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haunted Pumpkins with spooky little ghosts!!!

Bottles, spooky ice creams and a witches hand!!!!!!!

Jars of Crows Beaks and Crows Eggs
A Witches Hand letter holder

Spooky Halloween Ice Cream Cones