Sunday, 19 September 2010

Prim Style Witches Hats

These are my Prim style witches hats. Made from faux suede (ultra suede) and trimmed with American cotton fabric and moss. I have lots of prim little objects around the house which I buy from a lovely shop in Chester called Liberty Bell on the Rows in Bridge Street. It is packed full of beautiful American nick nacks and wonderful American cotton fabrics (a quilters dream I would think) all beautifully laid out . I often think I was born in the wrong country! (Anna says she feels the same!!!!!!!!!). There are gorgeous things all year round but my favourite time is (you can guess!!!!) September, when they have all the Halloween items and near Christmas when the shop is full of snowmen ( which I collect as well as my Halloween stuff ) and other treasures (especially good if you collect Angels). They also stock lot's of Americana and little quirky things............bliss. A bear making friend , Maggie Spackman (of Minikins) got me started an all these Prim things. I always loved the simple style and a lot of my older bears had a prim feel about them and my witchy bears had pointy hats a bit like the ones I have just finished. My next hats will have tiny rusty bells and other little touches, I am also starting work on some new crow themed items, to go with the crow brooms.


  1. Hi there Julie, really pretty Autumn style hats, very cool! The only thing Id say, incase you havnt noticed yourself as Im sure you havnt, but your background paper is exactly the same that Kat the Hat on ebay has been using for some time,( heres a liting link so you can see and you may find customers getting confused as to which seller is selling what as you both do witchy things. I had to look twice at your creations on ebay to realise it wasnt Kats ebay pages. Really great minis, love your pumpkins too! Good luck with your blog, looking forward to seeing loads more of your cool minis! Kate xx

  2. Que maravilla, son preciosos!!
    besitos ascension

  3. Hi Julie, hey we are using the same background paper in our photos ha ha! Don't worry I am changing mine to plain purple for my new hats. But that is funny great minds think alike. I like these little hats with the patches go nice with your hat pins. I must confess I love the crow brooms they are my favourite. xx