Sunday, 12 September 2010

A Lovely Day Stafford

Today we went to the Stafford Doll's House Fair .I needed a few bits for some new projects and thought we would go and have a look around and also see some old friends. We had a great time.It was so nice to see all the stands but was quite strange to be on the 'other' side! doing the buying. Old friends Ann and Bill (of Just Ann and Bill) and Jan and Paul, though we missed him as he was having a sleep (of Country treasures) It was lovely to see them again , it has been too long since we last met up.We met them when we had stands near each other at some of the fairs and would meet up several times a year and seeing them today made me realize how much I missed them. They were always such fun and had Anna laughing all day (she was only little when we first met). I got a big hug from Bill.......ahhhhh I must admit I do miss the fairs in lots of ways (but not the very early morning starts, the long miles and worry if we got to there on time ,we once had 30 minutes to set up at Miniaturabecause of ther had been a crash on the M6 motorway on our way to Birmingham and once left home in deep snow, but we did get there!) But you meet some really nice people at miniature shows and make some lovely friends :)
This is the items Anna came home with, the two parrots are to add to her others, she loves parrots and has a growing collection (she has her eyes on a couple of yellow and red ones ) the door mats and cushions were from Just Ann and Bill. The stool and other things are for her Gamekeepers Lodge. In 2007 she won the young Miniaturist of the Year at Miniatura and part of her prize was the lodge, up until now it has remained untouched in the loft!!!!!! But now it is coming down! she isn't to sure on the theme yet but has a few ideas.

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  1. You've found some real treasures at that fair, must have been a lot of fun. I love the little skeletons and Anna's parrots and kois... ;O)