Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna is back at school (year 8 Hartford High). She's glad she isn't one of the youngest at high school anymore! We have just about got used to the early mornings again and are getting back into the old routine. When I get from the school run, I do what housework needs doing( boring!!!!!!!!!!) and then get cracking on the interesting stuff, getting orders made and trying new things. Often I'm found scribbling ideas down ( often late at night, why is it I get inspiration then! ). So it's just me and the cats for the next few weeks to half term, they are usually asleep when I get back in the morning. Unless I'm working with feathers, rafia or thread, then they get very interested. I'm sure they have a secret stash somewhere of things they've nicked when I was not looking!

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