Saturday, 13 November 2010

If you have a minute or two

As you will see I am now a AIM member and through them got in touch with an old friend (also a member), Jane Laverick. Anyone showing at Miniatura will I'm sure have met this lovely lady, rushing around, usually camera in hand (sometimes complete with tray of mini items being taken to be photographed), getting to know new exhibitors and their work. If you ever get a spare minute have a look at, she writes about her porcelain dolls and miniature life. I met Jane at my very first Miniatura and she was a great help and was very kind. Jane is a very witty lady, looking at life from a miniaturists (or as she calls us the afflicted!) point of view. She tries to explain to the world what makes us miniaturists and our obsession with tiny things. The trials and tribulations of life also get her touch of humour. Her site is read in 35 countries and in 25 languages she informs me. David and I call her the Sage of Warwick such is her knowledge ...ask her a question she'll always have an answer (random or not) Also she says if you want her to link up with her just send her a email to So if you need a laugh you now know one place to go :)


  1. Thank you for this posting, I shall visit her website this week :-) xx

  2. Julie, I've been following Jane's blog for some time now and I have to say its given me a good giggle on quite a few