Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lots Of New Things

I've been busy!!! These are a few of my new little chickens,frogs (I love little frogs ) jack-in witches spring chick themed themed teapots (yes I did add the picture mistake :0) I like the little hedghog he turned out quite sweet :) and a fearie mushroom teapot. This week I'm making some shabby chic mini things and I have to take some photos in the morning of some new pitchers and two of my latest teapots..(the potting shed collection...featuring plant pots, bulbs and little plants...just like my Dad used to grow :) So another busy week thats what I like ...the ideas flowing fast...hate it when I'm stuck for the old saying though not enough hours in the day!


  1. You have been busy Julie, Love all your new tea pots!

    Victoria ♥

  2. Lovely new ideas... and it doesn't matter that you've put that cute hedgehog teapots twice in that post. They are so lovely enough for more than one view... ;O)