Thursday, 21 October 2010

A few more owl items and a big thank you to Kat

I didn't know what the postman had brought me today! When I opened the package this is what I found......a wonderful stash of trimmings...How did you know my favourite colours Kat?I can see a little mousey wearing some of these....he he.By the way Anna nicked the fortune teller fish.....rats......So a big thank you, Happy Haloween to Kat the Hat Lady( isn't she lovely?)
This is one of my latest owl themed mini things..........A bottle of "Pearls of Wisdom" listed on Etsy.there are also a couple more owl brooms and staffs


  1. i used to have one of those fortune telling fish when i was young!!!! brought back many happy memories...such fun they were :D Linda x

  2. Have fun with those goodies Julie, we just had a huge box delivered and I have to wait until the children arrive home from school til I can open it, cant wait, Kat is always so kind! Have fun with all your treats! What an adorable jar. Kate xxx

  3. Felicidades por el regalo. Es precioso.
    Tu bote de perlas muy elegante.
    Me encanta.
    Besos Clara

  4. You are most welcome ;-) Happy Halloween everyone xxx