Sunday, 22 August 2010

A Few Photographs of My Latest Miniatures

These are just a few examples of my latest miniatures. I have been busy making mini skulls, some with glass eyes, wizards staffs, spooks in bottles, ghost bottles, enchanted mops,Spirit of the Greenwood besoms and books. My favourite things at the minute is the skulls. David, Anna and I went to the Liverpool World Museum. They have a great collection of skulls (came away with lots of new ideas!) The Ancient Egypt collection was really good too.


  1. I understand you have just started your blog? Lovely spooky things! And thanks for joining my blog too. ;-)

  2. A very big Welcome to the blogosphere Julie..If you need any help, just shout there are quite a few of us out here..
    Love your Bird Skulls.

  3. love your creations, welcome to blog land and the same as my friend Debbie if I can be of any help please get in touch xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Welcome and thabks for following my blog. You have wonderful creations :)
    I am join to the other miniaturists, if you need something please ask for help :)