Sunday, 27 March 2011

24 th March 2011

It was my birthday on Thursday (24th March) and it was our 16th wedding anniversary on the Tuesday (22nd March). I had a lovely day. on the 24th...Anna was at school , shame! but David took the day off as a holiday especially and we just spent the day together . We did nothing really exciting ..we went to Bridgemere Garden Centre and Snugbury's Icecream Farm, just outside Nantwich , Cheshire ,not really that far from where we live. It was a lovely warm Spring day so we had a long drive through the beautiful Cheshire countryside, passing through country lanes , fields full of black and white cows and matching gorgeous black and white timber framed cottages. Being a country girl at heart I loved every minute. Daffodils and cherry blossom everywhere. The scent of the flowers at Bridgemere was truly wonderful. The icecream was great !!! as usual. These are just a few of my cards..... the ones shown are from Auntie Beryl and Uncle Bryan, David and Anna (who had hers made by the cupcakes Anna!). She also had a mug made by Moonpig, featuring pictures of my teapots and also has Cottage Kitty Miniatures written on it as you can see in the photo. Love it !!!! Thank you to everyone who sent me lovely messages and to those who made my day so special xxxxx

This is the show gardens at Bridgemer Garden will look stunning in a few weeks time, when all the Spring flowers will be in flower and the trees in full blossom. I love the little cottage with its bee hive :)

This is Snugburys ...famous for its icecream. in so many flavours (the damson gin flavour is wonderful!!!!)this is where we finished off out tour around Nantwich:)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Birthday :)
    I love the beautiful pictures you took on your little trip, the flowers are just beautiful.

    Happy Spring
    Victoria ❤

  2. Just the perfect way to spend a birthday. Nothing is more beautiful and uplifting than a day in English countryside on a bright Spring day.
    The mug is such a thoughtful gift too.
    A belated Happy Birthday to you!!

  3. Looks like you've had a lovely birthday... best (late) wishes to you!


  4. love the mug!!! and oooooo snugburys sounds name and icecream!! :D Linda x

  5. What a lovely day, belated Happy Birthday greetings! We have so many birthdays in March , its a busy month! Love the mug, how cool! Kate xxx