Monday, 15 August 2011

Down By The River

These are photos Anna took yesterday down on the River Weaver. I took a break from work, been miniature making mad over the last month or so . So went for some fresh air, the weather was just right, sunny but not too hot. Must do this again, I think because its on our door step we take this area for granted :(

Went for a walk yesterday afternoon down by the river. At the bottom of our close, in a valley , flows the River Weaver. For many years it was used to ship salt from the local area. We dont go down there enough really. Anyway Anna has a new camera and wanted to try it out. You can see the results below:) Acorns are everywhere and the damsons are ready to pick. The blackberries need a little more sun. You can see the old boat yards , some of the boats have seen better days , but it is still scenic. Also we have swans and lots of ducks as well ( we have a duck pond at the end of the close as well so the ducks are a bit spoilt for choice where to go !)

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