Monday, 15 October 2012

Little Wizard Frog etc

 Here are a few of my lastest miniatures , there have been more but these are my personal favourites (I've  just noticed they are mostly little frogs !!!!!oh dear hahahhh) I was really pleased with the wizard and ghosty frog but there are a few dragons as well. They are far nicer in real, the photos are blown up to show the detail. Well Autumn's mini's nearly done now ,so soon my Winter/christmassy ones will start appearing :) I've just made my first one today!!!!!There will be Shabby Xmas (all pinks and pastel green and plenty of snowy glitter) Country Xmas (reds and greens) and Traditional Xmas  (ginger bread men, fairies, xmas trees, candy canes, holly, angels and my favourite ..........SNOWMEN :) I hope I've got enough glitter????Better go and check my stash !!!!!!! x J

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  1. I love frogs, used to have a big collection and they lived in my garden hidden in the plants, but when I moved they got left behind, and now I have a real one in my garden, your frogs are fantastic