Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Treated Myself !

I treated myself to some new books and a miniature sewing machine (that I've been wanting for a while!) Love these Tilda books, David bought me the Christmas and Spring books a few years ago. So I thought I would get the others,Winter,Spring,Summer, Tilda's Friends and a box set of The Tilda Characters Collection. There is still two more to get-Sew Pretty Homestyle and Tilda's Studio. I have so many ideas for new minatures already. Sometimes you need a new inspiration and these have so many. As for the mini sewing machine ,I learnt to so on one of these (my Nan's) I'm thinking of making some sewing themed miniatures so this will look lovely in photo shots :-) Well its back to full time miniature making tomorrow,early mornings and school runs as well. Then some time on my own (well with two sleepy cats for company!!!) for working out my new ideas :-) So I'll see what I come up with over the week. Bye for now  xxx

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