Saturday, 26 October 2013

Autumn inspired minis and a touch of shabby chic ;)

Its nearly Halloween ,the leaves are changing colour and gently falling from there branches ,dancing in the wind. Pumpkins are in the shops ,yes it really is nearly the end of October ! where has the year gone ? Well inspiration lies everywhere you look . I feel especially creative when its this time of year. I've loved Autumn since I was little ,those colours, ,misty  mornings, darker evenings, warm glowing fires, that chill in the air , the season of "mists and mellow fruitfulness"  Plus I love Autumn clothes, boots ,scarves, coats, gloves ... snuggly things.....ah that's me lol . the only draw back is cold fingers not good when I'm trying to soften polymer clay hahahhhh.

 Anyway dear reader I've been busy  .....lots of cats , frogs , owls, skeletons and a few little shabby chic pieces .....heres some photos. I hope you like them ; ) Until next time take care xxxxx

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