Friday, 13 May 2011

My Very First Dragons !

These are my first efforts at making tiny dragons ! I have being thinking about having a go and so here they are , not too bad :) I am going to work on some more next week, different colours and designs, as I really liked making these! They have teeny glass bead eyes, that small you have to pick them up with a needle or tweezers ( its a good idea to hold your breath as well !!! until they are in place) I'm going to try and make some free standing or sitting ones , just have to see how they turn out. The little purple dragon is for Anna and the sign is for me, the green teapot dragon is listed on my Ebay site. Anyway I hope you have a lovely weekend, I hope to post some new dragon photos later in the week :) Sorry about the underline I have tried everything but blogger keeps wanting to do it :( you can bet when I want it to it will decide not to do it !


  1. The dragons are so cute I cant wait to see more . :)

  2. Very Sweet! And SO Tiny! I Love them!

  3. Awwww.......I love dragons :) They are so cute.


  4. Que maravilloso trabajo...tan bonito y tan pequeño, un beso.

  5. These dragons are cute! I especially love the expression on the one in the last photo :D
    I had that 'underlining' issue a while ago and seemed to solve it by highlighting the text and clicking on the icon that looks like an eraser...worked for me, but blogger being what it is doesnt always mean it'd work for you too!