Monday, 9 May 2011

Sunday 8th May

We took Anna to see Everton Ladies play Bristol Academy. It was a close match with it ending in a 0-0 draw (Everton did score but it was ruled off side:(...) Here is Anna with her favourite goalkeeper ( Anna is a defender but also plays in goal) .Rachel is a lovely lady always happy to speak to Anna (she even remembered her from the last match we were at) and sign photos and programs, Anna thinks the world of her and was over the moon with this photo. We will be going to more matches in the summer :) x (Anna hopes for more photos !)


  1. Great pics! I used to work with Arsenal/ England captain Faye White, she worked at the sportsclub where I was a receptionist at, and is the lovliest lady! Kate xxx

  2. What Anna says!!!!!! eyebrows raised he he small world isnt it! Anna is also a fan of Katy Chapman but we get to see Rachel more often. (being our number two goalie Anna looks up to her, not a bad thing) x